What we can and can’t support

Lotterywest can provide support to projects or activities that contribute to an outcome in the Community Investment Framework. The grant request must also have a clear community benefit.

Grants can be used to support income-generating activities if they are working towards an outcome in the Community Investment Framework and have a clear public benefit. All profits must be directed towards achieving the Community Investment Framework outcome.

There are a few constraints to what we support.


  • Projects taking place outside Western Australia
  • Retrospective, contingency or on-going operational costs
  • Religious activities (although welfare and community service activities of faith-based groups can be funded)
  • Competitive sporting activities
  • Medical research
  • Projects or initiatives that could/should be funded through contractual or individualised Government funding arrangements

Grant limits

  • The minimum grant request is $3,000
  • Maximum $15,000 for organisations not registered for GST or that are unincorporated (unless auspiced by an eligible organisation)
  • Otherwise there is no upper grant limit
  • Lotterywest is a complementary grant-maker and expects others will contribute appropriately to the cost of initiatives (financially and/or in kind)
  • The GST component of items purchased by the grant is not supported.