Consider the assessment criteria

We receive hundreds of applications each year. To help us ensure that we are supporting high quality proposals, we use the following assessment criteria.

  1. Link to Community Investment Framework outcomes
  2. Merit of the proposal
  3. Value for money
  4. Organisational capacity

When you are preparing your application, it is helpful to think about whether your proposal meets these criteria. If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss.

During assessment we will continue to work with you to follow up on any additional detail required, or questions we may have.

Link to Community Investment Framework outcomes

Your proposal should clearly relate to one or more outcomes in the Lotterywest Community Investment Framework, will result in a clear community benefit within WA and does not relate to something that should be funded by another government agency. Where relevant, priority will be given to any specific target areas identified in grant guidelines by Lotterywest.

Key assessment considerations:

  • Does the proposal provide information which connects the proposed grant outcome with one or more Framework outcomes? (A logic model may help with this.)
  • Where relevant, how well does the proposal address any specific target areas identified by Lotterywest?
  • Is it appropriate for Lotterywest to be a funder for this initiative in the context of the responsibilities of other government agencies? Note: we do not fund activities or initiatives that are the responsibility of government and/or that should be supported through service agreements.
  • If the proposal is to explore an idea, is there a realistic likelihood that - should the idea be successful - further benefits for the Western Australian community will result?

Merit of the proposal

The need for your proposal and/or the opportunity being addressed should be well evidenced and it should be clear that the proposed outcomes will meet the identified need/benefit. The proposed approach should be well planned, realistic, achievable and measurable.

Key assessment considerations:

  • Has the proposal been informed by an appropriate understanding of community needs/opportunities?
  • Have all aspects of the proposal been suitably planned and developed with appropriate input and support from experts and stakeholders?
  • Will the project create benefits within Western Australia for a sufficient section of the community?
  • Has the grant applicant considered the Good Practice Requirements?
  • Has due consideration been given to any other sector-specific good practice principles relevant to the application?
  • Is there is a clear link between the inputs, activities and outputs of the proposal and the outcome it is seeking to achieve?
  • Is it reasonable to assume that the proposed initiative and its activities will achieve the intended outputs and outcomes within the proposed timeline?
  • Is there a fitting approach to understanding if the proposal has made a difference?

Value for money

The proposal should be cost effective and include a clear, realistic budget with accurate costs. Collaboration in delivery and/or funding of the project is encouraged.

Key assessment considerations:

  • Does the proposal represent sound and realistic value in achieving identified outcomes?
  • Is the budget appropriately detailed for the size of the grant request with all proposed income and expenditure clearly identified as appropriate?
  • Are the in-kind and/or cash contributions from the applicant and any proposal partners appropriate? Is the status of these contributions evident?
  • Has an appropriate level of supporting documentation evidencing value for money been provided e.g. quotes, budgets?
  • Have inherent financial and budgetary risks for the project been identified? Does the applicant have suitable controls in place?

Organisational capacity

You need to demonstrate that your organisation has the skills, experience, management arrangements, relationships, capacity and mandate to deliver the proposal successfully, and that the activities of the proposal are appropriate in the context of your objectives and purposes.

Key assessment considerations:

  • Does the organisation have the mandate, both in its objects or purposes and from relevant stakeholders, to undertake the activities of the initiative?
  • Does the organisation have the experience and/or is engaging appropriate expertise to support the successful delivery of the initiative?
  • Is the organisation connected with, and supported by, relevant sector, Government and/or place-based stakeholders as appropriate?
  • If the organisation works with children, have they confirmed compliance with requirements under Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004?
  • Does the organisation have sufficient financial viability to achieve the grant outcomes?
  • Does the organisation have a satisfactory record of grants management and acquittal with Lotterywest and/or other funders, or is there any other evidence to demonstrate their capability to manage a grant?