Saturday Lotto improvements

The game you love just got bigger

Keep your Saturday dreams alive with a bigger Division 1 prize and more winners in every draw!

What's happened?

Saturday Lotto has been around for more than 40 years; it's our original Lotto game which has created countless millionaires. We spoke to some of our valued players about why they love playing Saturday Lotto and asked them what they’d like to see more of. They told us – more prizes, more winners and more reasons to play every week!

So – we listened, and on Saturday 10 October (Draw 4093) we're making some exciting improvements to the game.

Tickets for the first draw of the improved Saturday Lotto went on sale from 9.00am Sunday 4 October 2020.

What's improved?

Bigger Division 1 prize

We've increased the Division 1 prize pool from an estimated $4 million to an estimated $5 million! That’s an estimated $1 million extra on offer every Saturday!

Easier to win Division 6

The Division 6 winning combination will change to 3 Winning Numbers from the previous 1 or 2 Winning Numbers and 2 Supplementary Numbers. This improves your chance of winning a Division 6 prize from 1 in 144 to 1 in 52.

Saturday Lotto GC updated divisions table

More winners in every draw

The odds of winning any Saturday Lotto prize has improved from 1 in 86 to 1 in 42 – meaning more winners in every draw! 

Pricing update
To help support the increased Division 1 prize pool and more overall winners, the cost to play will increase from 65c to 75c per game (plus retailer commission). The minimum entry requirement remains the same, at four games in a single draw. Here is an example of the new price for some popular Saturday Lotto tickets:

Updated Saturday Lotto GC price table

What’s stayed the same?

Favourite Numbers

There’s no change to your Favourite Numbers. We’re still drawing 6 Winning Numbers and 2 Supplementary Numbers from 45 so you can continue playing your Favourite Numbers as usual.


Systems tickets for Saturday Lotto will still be available.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, email us at or call our friendly Customer Services Team on 133 777.