14 September 2017

Luxury Ride: dream cars up for grabs!

If you’ve ever found yourself in one of the below ultra-embarrassing/totally-infuriating/completely-ridiculous situations, why not forgo the overpriced sandwich you’re going to pay for lunch today and grab a $10 Luxury Ride scratchie instead.

Our first Luxury Ride winners arrived at Lotterywest HQ in a 20-year-old Falcon with dodgy windows and one hell of an oil leak – but drove home in a brand new Mercedes Benz CLA200!

With two more dream cars up for grabs plus another in our 2nd Chance Draw, you too could be trading in your old lemon for a sweet new ride!

Luxury Ride Winner

Macca’s drive-thru fail

You’ve had a long day at work and decide the world will end if you don’t eat a Big Mac immediately. It’s peak hour at Macca’s but you decide to brave the drive-thru queue anyway. You place your order and are just about to drive to the window where they hand you your bag of deliciousness when your car conks out. Without any warning, it just dies. It’s not already embarrassing enough that everyone behind you is beeping their horns at you but the 16-year-old who made your burger is now helping you push your car into the car park so you can wait for the RAC to arrive.


Every time you drive over a speed bump, a random piece of your car falls off, never to be seen again.

Immobiliser MIA

You lose the only immobiliser you have for the beat up 1981 Camry that your grandma gave you and no mechanic in Perth is able to replace it because old-school immobilisers basically don’t exist anymore.

Sticker regret

You excitedly bought your first car during your first year at uni and thought it was ‘cool’ to put loads of tacky stickers on the back windscreen. Many years later, they won’t come off even with the strongest concoction of turps and methylated spirits. Everyone continues to assume your favourite band is still Spiderbait and that you still watch Rage.

Driver’s seat obstacle course

The key won’t work in the driver’s side door and the door won’t open from the outside or from the inside. The only way to get into the driver’s seat is to climb through from the passenger side. Your knee is always twice its normal size because you continually whack it on the hand brake.

Window wig out

It’s a warm Sunday afternoon and you decide to live a little and put the automatic windows in your car down. All you want is to feel the breeze on your face. But now the windows won’t go back up. It’s all good, though – you’re sure they’ll go back up the next time you start the car. The next day it’s bucketing down with rain and you’re running late for work. The windows won’t go back up so your car slowly fills with water as you drive to the office.

The crowning glory

The mechanic you take your car to for servicing has his own set of keys to your car because “it’s just easier that way”.


Luxury Ride Winner Luxury Ride Winner