19 December 2016

Christmas cheer in Kununurra

While we don't have reindeer dashing through the snow here in sunny Western Australia, there's a different kind of Christmas cheer taking place.

Amid all the present buying, drinks clinking and catch ups with friends and family, we've had a great string of Division 1 and 1st Prize winners!

A couple of weeks ago a $673,151 winning Saturday Lotto ticket was sold at Tuckerbox Stores in Kununarra - and we were waiting (yes a little impatiently) for the lucky Division 1 player to claim their prize.

The Kununurra family came in to our Head Office this week and were all smiles. We would be too! Their weekly tradition of buying a Slikpik 25 has paid off, ad now they're excited to use their winnings to pay off their house, buy a new car and go on a vacation. 

What a great way to celebrate the festive season! We're thinking this will be their best Christmas yet.

What does my money support in WA?

Every year you help Lotterywest make almost 900 grants totalling over $115 million dollars. Which means that you're helping community organisations provide services, support and inspiration to people all over Western Australia. And the best part? All the money that you help give to our community comes from having fun playing the games! So why not pick up a ticket today and keep WA winning?