9 February 2017

Sixty dollar handbag top of wish-list for $15 million Lotto winner

An unemployed woman from Lathlain still plans on attending a job interview this week despite taking out Tuesday’s $15 million OZ Lotto win.

The self-described battler said she had chewed through all of her savings and was avoiding looking at her credit card bill after losing her job last year.

“It’s been a tough 12 months,” the woman said.

“Finding work in this economy hasn’t been easy but I’ll keep looking and even have an interview in a couple of days,” she added.

When asked what dreams she could now make a reality the woman admitted she might “splurge” a little.

“I’ve had my eye on a $60 handbag for quite a while now,” she said.

“That’ll be a nice treat,” she added.

The winning ticket was sold from Archer Street Newsagency in Carlisle.

Lotterywest spokeswoman Pina Compagnone said the $15 million win adds to Western Australia’s rapidly growing tally of Division 1 winners for 2017.

“We’re just five weeks into the year and already we’ve seen nine Division 1 Lotto winners share in over $25 million in prizes,” Ms Compagnone said.

“We’re hoping to keep that momentum going and deliver another winner from the West in tonight’s $15 million Powerball,” she added.

Ms Compagnone said punters have until 6pm tonight to purchase their tickets from Lotterywest in-store, through Play Online or by downloading the app.

“We’d love to change the life of another deserving West Australian,” she added.

When you play with Lotterywest, the entire WA community wins too! Over the last three week Powerball jackpot roll, over $2 million has been raised to support the local community. Tonight’s draw is set to raise a further $1 million.


Media Enquiries: Pina Compagnone: 9488 6227/0438 996 884