18 April 2016

Mandurah Lotto winner to hang up FIFO life for wife

Four new Lotto millionaires were made over the weekend - two of those made right here in Western Australia.

Mandurah City News and Media Lottery Centre & News in Cannington sold WA’s two winning Division 1 tickets in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw. Each ticket holds a $1,008,278 prize.

A Mandurah couple were in the Lotterywest Winners Room bright and early this morning to claim their prize on the winning ticket purchased from Mandurah City News.

The former FIFO worker said he’d recently lost his job when he decided to try his luck in Lotto.

“We initially thought the million dollar prize was shared between four winners and then panic started to set in when my friend told me all four winners had won $1 million each! We haven’t slept much since we found out,” said the couple.

“It’s a great outcome. I’ve worked my whole life and karma has certainly come back around for us.”

The man said the most wonderful part of the win was being able to start a different trade where he can work less hours and spend more time with his beautiful wife.

“We’ve already done the budget; we can wipe all of our debts and we’ll be able to live comfortably. I can get a second hand car and I’ll buy my wife a show room car with no finance!”

Other plans for the couple include helping family financially, investment properties and visiting loved ones overseas.

Meanwhile, Lotterywest is waiting to hear from the winner who purchased their ticket from Media Lottery Centre & News.

“We’re feeling very good and so happy! Win or lose, my customers always come back smiling and tell me I can sell another winner. Now I’ve made another customer a millionaire!” said owner of store, Mr Tan Phan.

Not only do WA’s Lotto winners have a reason to celebrate after a draw;  the local community has too with a third of what players spend on Lotterywest Games supporting the WA community.

Local groups to receive Lotterywest support include the City of Canning which received a $149,635 Lotterywest Grant in March. These funds were used towards creating an interpretive experience about the story of WA Sikhs, including signage and a trail.

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