13 May 2016

Country work mates and Bibra Lake couple celebrate

Both of WA’s weekend Superdraw winners have now experienced the thrill of being inside the Lotterywest Winners Room to claim their Division 1 Lotto prizes.

The winning tickets, which each held a $2.1 million prize, were sold at the Lotto Lottery Centre in Booragoon and Clark’s Newsagency in Albany.

A 16 person work syndicate with members from Albany to Walpole are sharing the $2.1 million prize from the Albany ticket. Each member will pocket over $131,000.

On the night of the draw the syndicate members were celebrating the wedding of close friends, also part of the syndicate, yet at the time had no idea there was another reason to celebrate together.

When the syndicate organiser found out their ticket was one of the big winners, he rushed to the newlyweds house to tell them he had another wedding gift for them.

“We were all over the moon! They said it was their favourite wedding present!” said the man.

“The amount of money we’re sharing is a huge help to the members of the syndicate and will help with things they’ve been struggling with.”

Travelling, new cars, helping family financially, wiping debt and even a new lawn mower are just some of the spending plans for the work friends.

Meanwhile, A Bibra Lake couple are the holders of the $2.1 million winning ticket purchased from Booragoon. The couple said they nearly walked out of the shopping centre before buying their winning ticket.

“We had always intended to buy a Saturday Lotto ticket but after shopping, it almost slipped our minds and we had to go back. We’re so glad we did!” they said.

The couple are now in a position to pay off their mortgage and prepare for an earlier retirement.

“To know we’re going to be comfortable when we retire is amazing.”

All of WA celebrates when players purchase a lottery ticket; with a third of money spent on Lotterywest Games supporting the WA community.

Local groups to receive Lotterywest support include Green Skills in Albany which received a $194,300 Lotterywest Grant in February. These funds have helped to make property improvements to increase the capacity of the organisation which provide community education about environmental conservation and sustainable living in urban areas.  

$30 million jackpot only days away!

Although WA’s Division 1 winners list for the year has already reached 37, another chance to win big is in next Tuesday’s $30 million OZ Lotto jackpot.

The multi-million dollar prize offer is the result of no-one across the nation being able to match the game’s seven winning number over the past five weeks.

Lotterywest spokesperson Pina Compagnone said it was only less than two months ago that WA struck OZ Lotto luck when a South West family took home the game’s entire $40 million Division 1 prize pool.

Tickets for the $30 million OZ Lotto jackpot are available until 6pm Tuesday in-store from Lotterywest retailers, through Play Online, or by downloading the Lotterywest App.

Media Enquiries Pina Compagnone: 9340 5227/ 0438 996 884