9 October 2023

A late finish at work leads to Lotto win

A late finish at work has guided a Wanneroo man to a $738,000 Saturday Lotto prize.

The man in his 20’s purchased a game for Saturday’s draw through Lotterywest’s App, which turned into one of the seven Division One prizes sold throughout the country.

“I usually buy a ticket from my retailer after work, but I was held back late and ended up having to buy my ticket online,” he said.

“On Sunday morning I checked the ticket, usually it says not a winner or there’s a small prize on offer.

“But this time all the numbers were blue and it said winner.”

While the news is still sinking in, the winner says he plans to pay off his mortgage and look after his parents.

Lotterywest spokesperson James Mooney said 70 WA tickets have turned into a Division One prize this year alone.

“These 70 tickets have shared in more than $192 million, which has been life changing for many of these players,” he said.