23 May 2023

A footy game to remember for Saturday Lotto winner

An East Fremantle couple’s attention to a Saturday night football game soon switched to their promising Lotto numbers last weekend.

Their ticket from Caring Pharmacy was one of the two Division One winning tickets sold as part of Saturday Lotto’s $10 million draw and is now worth $1.25 million.

The winners said they have been using the same numbers for the past eight years.

“We checked the ticket while watching the footy, I looked at the numbers and thought, this can’t be real,” she said. 

“I checked the ticket around 20 times.

“We ended up calling Lotterywest customer service who confirmed it for us, which helped us calm down a little.” 

Lotterywest spokesperson James Mooney said the second WA Division One prize was part of a syndicate, which included 12 shares sold by several retailers. 

“Saturday’s draw saw more than 240,000 WA players take home a prize and we also raised $2.3 million for our grants program,” he said.

"In more good news for WA we are also celebrating a Division One winner from last night's Monday Lotto draw.

"Monday's winner was from an online ticket and is now worth $1 million."

Thanks to money raised by Lotterywest players, a $1.3 million grant went towards supporting community facilities and a nature playground for the community in East Fremantle in December 2022.


Media Enquiries: James Mooney and Sarah Dawson 0438 996 884.