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Game legislation

Lotto Balls 564x113

When you play Lotterywest games you agree to be bound by the Rules governing those games.

If any conflict should occur between the Rules and information contained on this website, in the Lotterywest App or in a game brochure, the Rules must take precedence.

You must be 16 years or older to play Lotterywest games.

You can view our game Rules by clicking on any of the links below.

Lotto and Instant Lottery Rules (Legislation)

Saturday Lotto Game Permit (3595 to 3699)
Monday and Wednesday Lotto Game Permit (3602 to 3621)
OZ Lotto Game Permit (1171 to 1185) 
OZ Lotto Game Permit (1186 to 1193) 
Powerball Game Permit (1025 to 1076)
Set for Life Game Permit (148 to 513)
Super66 Game Permit (3595 to 3699)
Soccer Pools Game Permit (1588 to 1640)
Cash 3 Game Permit (6263 to 6628)

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