17 January 2018

How to live the life when you're Set for Life

Imagine sailing through the Greek islands on a private catamaran, learning to tango in Argentina or flying down a ski slope in Japan…

When you’re a Set for Life winner, the possibilities are endless.

This year we’ve already had four Set for Life 1st prize winners – who will each have $20,000 land in their bank account every month for the next 20 years!

One of this year’s winners – who admits he’s only ever won a few chook raffles and meat trays in his lifetime – says his future looks bright after his win.

“This win means I can live more comfortably now,” he said.

“I only retired a few years ago and this will just make life a whole lot easier.”

Once you’ve set up the next 20 years with a Set for Life 1st prize win, all there’s left to do is start ticking off that bucket list.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Become the most interesting person in the world
“Yes, I speak fluent Laotian. I learnt it during my time at the monastery in Luang Probang, where, interestingly, I also learnt how to make my own kombucha…”

Most interesting person
See how much crayfish you can actually eat
If you don’t find out how much pricey seafood you can eat, you will always wonder.

Send your mum flowers every week for 20 years
She’s sure to forgive you for your horrible teenage years after two decades of pink peonies.

Pink peonys
Name your own stars
Naming constellations after you and your mates will make you feel like a demi-god!

Fly in style
You’ve spent a lifetime wondering what goes on behind that airplane curtain – now it’s your time to jump the queue straight into first class!

First class
Adopt a puppy
This one is self-explanatory.

One puppy
Adopt another puppy!
See above.

Two puppies
Pay paparazzi to follow you around for a day in LA
“This is what the Kardashians must feel like!” #famous

And that's just a taste of everything you could experience in your 20 years as a Set for Life winner.

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