30 October 2017

The discovery of the elusive Night Parrot

Grab your binoculars!

Thanks to a Lotterywest grant of $589,000, WWF Australia has discovered the world’s most mysterious bird in the Kimberley.

The Night Parrot is renowned for being the 'holy grail' of birds – not only in Australia but also throughout the world.

Sightings of this small, green parrot are so rare that only a handful of people on the planet have ever seen them live.

Up until now.

Through Lotterywest’s support, WWF has developed the Indigenous Threatened Species Conservation Kimberley Project – a collaboration between WWF, the Kimberley Land Council and local conservation groups.

The project aims to increase the capacity of the Indigenous Ranger network to locate, identify and protect threatened species of fauna in the Kimberley including the bilby, nabarlek, monjon, northern quoll, and black footed rock wallaby.

As part of the project, sensor cameras and bio-acoustic equipment had been set up in the local area by the Paruku Rangers – and just by chance, the ever-elusive, ground-dwelling Night Parrot was caught on camera.

Based on the defining features of the bird, independent experts have confirmed the footage is of the incredibly rare Night Parrot.

What a discovery – and it’s all thanks to our Lotterywest retailers and players!

We are thrilled to see the Indigenous Threatened Species Conservation Kimberley Project take flight!