28 March 2018

Something in the water

Four consecutive wins for WA!

Water. It’s good for your liver, complexion and keeps you healthy and hydrated.

You can swim in it, cook with it and if you’re feeling extra fancy, pick sparkling over still.

In fact, there isn’t much that H2o can’t do. And here in Western Australia, it’s quickly becoming folklore that there is something in the water that makes millionaires.

Now before you grab your scuba gear, your big bottle and begin bathing in the goods, note that I’m ten steps ahead and writing this from my bathtub. While guzzling Mount Franklin. Wearing an aqua mask.

You heard the tip here first. Lotterywest has produced four Division 1 winners in just six days. An unprecedented winning streak we haven’t seen for more than two years.

Powerball jackpot on Thursday? $20 million ticket produced by The Mall Newsagency.

Saturday Lotto Superdraw? $1.3 million ticket produced by Kingsway City Lottery Centre.

Monday Lotto? $1 million ticket produced by Gateway News & Lottery Centre.

OZ Lotto jackpot? $10 million ticket produced by newsXpress CentrePoint Midland.

That equates to $32 million in prize money and over $10 million generated for the community.

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