5 December 2017

One scratch reveals a brand new set of wheels…

Just imagine it – your bills, your laundry, your mortgage a mere spec on the horizon as you race off into the sunset.

Well, it may not be completely realistic to pick up and run but a person can dream – especially when said person is behind the wheel of a sweet new ride.

Just take our lucky couple from Beeliar who swapped out their ’94 Toyota Corolla for a brand spanking new Mercedes-Benz CLA200 thanks to a winning $10 Luxury Ride scratchie.

The woman, who arrived at the dealership with her best friend in tow, said the new set of wheels was going to add a whole new level of excitement to her and her husband’s golden years.

“Now that’s way better than a gold watch for retirement,” she said.

“My husband’s going to be driving around pretending he’s James Bond!’

Though the husband-wife duo can’t wait to take their new car for a lengthy spin on the open road, the woman said their children were also over the moon about the new upgrade.

“But they have another thing coming if they think they’re going anywhere near the driving seat,” she said.

“I think they’ll be eating our dust.”

If you’re also looking to make the trade-in of a lifetime, there’s still a Mercedes-Benz CLA200 looking for a good home.

And if you don’t scratch your way into luxury on the first round, you can still wind up with the keys to the Merc in your hot little hands. Simply enter your non-winning ticket into our bonus 2nd Chance Draw here.

As for the old ’94 Toyota Corolla, you can find it on Gumtree, going for a bargain.

Get your $10 Luxury Ride scratchie from your local Lotterywest store today.

One scratch reveals a brand new set of wheels