27 July 2018

Nurturing nature one seedling at a time

Trillion Trees has set a new and inspiring goal for the global community - to plant one trillion trees.  That’s 140 for every person in the world, but considering they’re the lungs of the earth, it’s not such a crazy idea!

Managing Director of Trillion Trees (formally Men of the Trees WA) Sandra Krempl expressed the importance and urgency of the one trillion trees target.

“A world audit for trees, led by Crowther from Yale University, says there are only three trillion trees left across the globe and that’s half of what there used to be,” said Sandra.

“The 15 million native trees and understory that Trillion Trees have planted in Western Australia since 1979, don’t count because that is part of the three trillion trees that exist. The world needs one trillion new trees.”  

Lotterywest is proud to support Trillion Trees as the work they do not only improves biodiversity, combats salinity and soil erosion (that’s science speak for “it’s good for the environment”), but brings communities together to spend time in nature, which does great things for our well-being.

Trillion Trees blog image

On 15 July, Trillion Trees had their annual Planting Day and Fundraiser at Whiteman Park, the first major planting event since their rebranding. An army of 161 volunteers planted more than 5,000 seedlings in an area that had been severely degraded though decades of cattle grazing.

Lotterywest Senior Grants Management Officer, Kate Grosso, rolled up her sleeves at the event.

“Events like this demonstrate how people from all ages and backgrounds can come together for a common cause – and it’s a lot of fun!” said Kate.

“It has been a pleasure to partner with Trillion Trees and see firsthand their growing impact on the community and the environment year to year.”

Trillion Trees do so much more than their planting days. They manage a seed collecting and propagation program and host workshops, courses and talks.

Since 1991, Lotterywest has approved over $1.1 million across 35 grants to Men of the Trees WA and associated branches and looks forward to a continuing partnership with Trillion Trees and all affiliate organisations.

Want to get your hands dirty?  Follow Trillion Trees on Facebook or visit www.trilliontrees.org.au

Lotterywest support for organisations like Trillion Trees is only thanks to those who play Lotterywest games and last year $260* million was raised for the WA community. So thanks for playing.

*Preliminary figures until audited and rounded to the nearest million

Photo by Joanne Fotakis Photo by Joanne Fotakis