23 January 2017

Millionaire mates

We have our third Division 1 winners for 2017 - and it's not one but two mates who are sharing over $2 million.

They purchased their System 8 Slikpik ticket from Jungle News & Lotto in Geraldton: and the win almost went unnoticed when the friends forgot to check their numbers. Are you wondering how they chose their lucky numbers? We just had to ask, and they told us the numbers came from a 25 year old Lotterywest key ring which randomly selects numbers to play. High fives all round for this win!

The Perth guys have told us that  the win hasn't yet sunk in but they'll believe in when they see the extra zeros in their bank account. Then it's time to celebrate with a Chinese dinner, setting their families up financially, paying off their mortgages and going on some holidays. Sounds like they've got it all planned, and we think it sounds amazing! 

We hope they enjoy their good fortune and chasing their dreams.

What does my money support in WA?

By playing Lotterywest games, you help dreams across the state come to life with all available profits from your Lotto ticket going straight back to the WA community. That’s the Ticket!

In the year 2021-22, we were able to give back $1.03 billion to the WA community in grants and prizes. So why not pick up a ticket today and keep WA winning?