1 August 2017

Lady tradie to Lotto millionaire

What do you think the average tradie might have in their work esky?

A few ham and cheese sangas? A choc milk? A couple of bruised bananas?

One lucky tradie had something a bit out of the ordinary in her esky when she recently approached Lotterywest HQ.

Still in her high-vis and work boots, she rummaged through her esky to produce a crumpled Lotto ticket.

“I’ve checked and rechecked this ticket about 100 times,” the woman said. 

“My partner thinks I’m nuts but I’m pretty sure I’ve won the Lotto,” she added. 

Within minutes, the lady tradie’s ticket had been confirmed as a winning Wednesday Lotto ticket worth a cool $1 million in prize money.

“I won’t be putting my tools down for a while but to be able to pay off my mortgage – that’s pretty bloody great,” she said.

Hear, hear!