14 January 2019

How do you play Powerball?

Get ready WA, the $100 MILLION Powerball jackpot is here! While we’re sure you’ve thought about how you’d spend the money if you won big, have you thought about how you’re going to play? With so many options available to you, we’ve got some tips on the easiest way to start – with a Powerpik.

So what exactly is a Powerpik? A Powerpik is a type of ticket that is specific to Powerball. There are lots of different Powerpik tickets available, each with a different number of games. The best thing about a Powerpik is that it gives you the winning Powerball number, improving your chances of winning Division 1! For example, a Powerpik 7, the cheapest option starting at $24, gives you 20 chances to win and improves your Division 1 odds from 1 in 134.4 million to 1 in 6.7 million.

Having the winning Powerball number is not only vital to take out Division 1, you also need it to win in six of the nine prize divisions across the game. So while you may not take out the big one, there are plenty of other chances to win.

Now you know some new ways to play Powerball, you can get back to planning what you would do if you were $100 million richer. That secluded island off the coast of Italy is calling…

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