26 February 2019

Gift a scratchie instead

The ‘any occasion’ gift

Your third cousin twice removed is about to turn 21 and you’re expected to get them a present. No idea where to start? Look no further! We have some great ideas to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion.

The homemade gift

This gift requires some effort, but you can get away with saving your dollars. Find some old pictures, or write a nice heartfelt letter. One easy gift idea is to buy a mason jar and fill it with meaningful sayings or positive affirmations. Tie a pretty ribbon around it and voila! You’re ready to go.

The ‘you’re hilarious’ gift

This gift is one of the easiest because it’s simply a card. You know the ones – they say “my friendship is my gift to you” or something similar. While they may be tongue-in-cheek, they are sure to earn you a laugh and get you off the hook, because we all know you weren’t going to buy a real present.  

The ‘I completely forgot it was today’ gift

We’ve all been there; you get into the office and someone tells you its Jan from HR’s birthday, or you wake up and realise it’s your friend Adam’s graduation and you still haven’t bought a present. The quickest and easiest gift to grab is a scratchie. Not only are they fun to scratch, you could also be giving the gift of a Top Prize win (how’s that for a graduation present!) Scratchies are available at your local Lotterywest store and there’s definitely something for everyone.

Cover all your bases this year and you’ll be known as the best gift-giver around!

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