9 May 2017

From ramen to riches

You’re at the grocery store about to check-out; silently praying to the Gods above that your card won’t decline. You have $6 in your bank account and spent the last week surviving off a diet of Ramen noodles. In less than 24 hours you’ll find yourself $66,000 richer.

That’s the story of one university student from Rivervale who was one of a 12 person Saturday Lotto syndicated that snared nearly $800,000 in prize money.

The student said he wasted no time in coming forward to claim his windfall, visiting Lotterywest HQ first thing Monday morning.

“I contemplated camping outside the office overnight,” he laughed.

“I wouldn’t let myself believe it until it had officially been confirmed,” he added.

The student said he couldn’t often spare the money to play Lotto, but when he did he would go in on a syndicate because it was cheaper and more cost effective.

“Money is tight – permanently,” he laughed.

“That’s the life of a student,” he added.

The man said although $66,000 might not be considered life changing to some, it would certainly make his life easier.

“I won't be having ramen for dinner tonight that's for sure,” the man laughed.

Ramen to Riches

20170509_From ramen to riches 20170509_From ramen to riches
$313.4 million in grants
Did you know?

$313.4 million in grants

went to support the local community In 2020-21.