29 December 2017

Cracking the Lotto code – lucky numbers pay off!

In what can only be a good sign for things to come (cough – $40 million Powerball! $30 million Megadraw!), WA has produced four Division 1 winners in four days! 

But wait – there’s more (cue spooky music).

We’ve crunched the numbers and all of the claimed prizes were won with favourite numbers.

While we wait to meet our mystery millionaire from Bunbury – three of last weekend’s Saturday Lotto winners wasted no time in sharing the stories behind their lucky digits.

The latest winners through the doors, a retired couple from the Great Southern, were pretty sure they had cracked the Lotto code – with a little help from the book The Da Vinci Code.

“I created my own special Lotto sequence five years ago that was inspired by the book,” the husband shared.

“It’s not exactly rocket science – but it worked!”

Though the couple admitted they had their doubts as to whether the special sequence would pay off, $420,000 in prize money has convinced them to keep playing their favourite numbers in future draws.

Sounds like they’re playing a numbers game…

Four work mates filed through the doors of our Winners Room to claim their share of a winning work syndicate – all thanks to their own ‘secret Lotto recipe.’

“We’ve been playing the same favourite numbers for five years but we were starting to think they weren’t very lucky,” one of them admitted.

“We’d had some small wins over the years but lately there had been a real drought!”

Luckily they stuck to their guns because now all four of them will get to share in $420,000.

It just goes to show there’s safety in numbers…

Another Division 1 winner from last weekend, our golden oldies from Nollamara, not only celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently but their 30th anniversary with their own favourite numbers.

“They’ve been our lucky numbers throughout life,” the wife shared.

“I was tempted once to stray to a Slikpik where the numbers are randomly chosen but I just couldn’t do it – these numbers are so familiar,” she added.

Looks like players should play their favourite numbers if they want to take care of number one!