31 January 2018

A super year of Superdraw millionaires

The answer is…YES it certainly does and especially at Superdraw time.

What is a Superdraw you ask?

It’s when we bump up the Division 1 Prize Pool on a Saturday Lotto draw from our usual $4 million to an incredible $20, $21 or $22 million!! That’s why it’s called a Superdraw (did the penny just drop?)

Last year, 81 Superdraw millionaires were produced – many of these right here in WA.

So who are these local minted millionaires?

Bull Creek tradie

Meet a young tradesman from Bull Creek who got Superdraw lucky last year after taking home a $3 million prize.

Still wearing his high-vis and a hardhat, the man was on his morning tea beak when he realised he’d become a millionaire but still wanted a sausage roll before heading back on site.

“I bet that’s a first – Lotto winner buys sausage roll,” he laughed.

The man, aged in his 30s, said he was likely to use the winnings to pay off his mortgage. He also said his wife was still in complete disbelief.

“No requests from her yet – she still won’t have it that we’ve won,” he said.

“We both went off to work this morning like nothing’s happened,” he added.

Westminter self-proclaimed battler

Then we had a self-proclaimed battler from Westminster who scooped $1.4 million in a June Superdraw.

The man had decided to purchase the winning ticket on a whim, even choosing his own numbers for the first time.

“I’d love to tell you there was some special formula but the truth is I picked six numbers at random and crossed my fingers,” he said.

“I couldn’t tell you what they were but I’m bloody glad I chose them,” he added.

With a Saturday Lotto Superdraw held every few months – don’t miss your chance to become WA’s latest Lotto millionaire. There’s one just around the corner when $21 million goes on offer on Saturday 10 February.  

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