25 March 2019

A lotto win can show you the world

It seems like everyone has a little bit of wanderlust these days. Whether it’s a quick trip to Bali, or a month trekking in Nepal, we’ve all dreamed of travelling the world. Here are three amazing experiences off the beaten track that you could do if you won lotto.

Tokyo and Kyoto – Learn the way of the ninja

Get under the skin of Japanese culture and learn the art of Ninja (aka shinobi) and Sumo wrestling, all while eating your weight in ramen and sushi. Not only will you get to experience this amazing culture, you might be lucky enough to see the cherry blossoms! 

Paddle board through the Okavango Delta

Experience one of Africa’s largest natural ecosystems, covering up to 15,000km of Kalahari Desert in Northern Botswana. Affected by seasonal flooding, if you went to the Okavango Delta in July you would see one of the great migrations of zebra, antelope and wildebeest in Africa. Imagine paddling the day away, surrounded by the Big 5 – we could think of nothing better.

Experience the wonders of the Arctic

Polar bears, seals, and the most exquisite glaciers. Enjoy the cold and bask in whale watching, experience the beauty of the fjords, and feel the thrill of a husky sled ride, all while staying in a luxury resort and sipping hot chocolate every evening in the hot tub.

All your travel dreams could come true if you won lotto. By playing Lotterywest games, you not only give yourself the chance to win, you also support the Western Australian community through grants. Sign up today and feel the magic of a Lotterywest membership.

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