31 March 2017

$15 million? Just what the doctor ordered!

Ever experienced a Monday where coffee just wasn’t enough? One where you’ve found yourself daydreaming of being $15 million richer and handing in your notice?

For a 35-year-old woman from Bunbury that dream is now a reality after coming forward to claim Tuesday’s $15 million OZ Lotto windfall.

The woman said she spent three days in disbelief before finally visiting Lotterywest HQ early Friday morning armed with her ‘Systems’ Slikpik which saw her take out Division 1, Division 2 AND Division 3 prizes.

“I haven’t been able to sleep for days,” the woman said.

“I rang my brother to tell him I thought I’d won and I just couldn’t string a coherent sentence together,” she added.

The woman said she had spent the best part of the last 15 years slogging away in public service unable to scrape enough money together to buy a house of her own.

“No matter how hard you save and how much you budget you’re always just getting by,” the woman said.

“This win means I’ll be able to get out of my shoebox rental and buy my own place. I might even travel – business class,” she added.

The woman admitted a severe case of Mondayitis is what led her to purchasing the ticket and we’re assuming the $15 million windfall is just what the doctor ordered!

Just what the doctor ordered

20170331_Oz Lotto windfall 20170331_Oz Lotto windfall
$265 million in grants
Did you know?

$265 million in grants

went to support the local community In 2016/17.