Sharing the news


You’ve heard word from us that your grant application has been a success?

We’d love you to share the good news and hear about how your organisation is making a difference to the Western Australian community.

Getting the word out that you have received a Lotterywest grant lets people know that the money spent on Lotterywest games supports fantastic WA not-for-profit organisations. It’s also a great opportunity to raise your profile. Here’s how we can work together to spread the word.

Share with us

We know that there are many Lotterywest supported organisations out there that are helping to build a better WA. We hear inspirational anecdotes about a range of Lotterywest supported projects - and we want to hear from you.

Call us or give us a shout out on social media with your updates and photos so we can share your news. Tag @Lotterywest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use our popular hashtag #lotterywest.

Share with the media

See our sample media release or use the following handy tips to get your story out there:

  • Let us know that you would like to send a media release. We can help with key messages
  • Include your organisation’s name and contact details
  • Give brief, compelling information and include direct personal quotes from your spokesperson
  • Send a clear and informative photo (at least 300 dpi high quality resolution) and suggest interesting photo/filming options

Share with your community

To share updates about your Lotterywest supported project, we suggest keeping an eye out for interesting photo opportunities relating to your grant. Here are some tips of how to capture the impact of your project.

We have produced short video clips to help show that by playing Lotterywest games, people are helping to support the WA community. These can be provided to you to share, just contact us.

You can also spread the word in your newsletters and other communication. Here are some key points to get you started:

  • Lotterywest is unique. It is the only lottery in Australia, and one of the few in the world, where the profits are returned back to the local community.
  • Lotterywest’s support for the community is possible only because of the small businesses and players that support the purchase of Lotterywest games. 
  • When you play Lotterywest games the money stays in WA via grants, prizes and employment opportunities for locals.
  • For last financial year's results and information click here.

Order Lotterywest supported signs and stickers

By displaying Lotterywest branded signs and stickers you’re letting people know that every time you play a Lotterywest game, you’re supporting great community activities and organisations.

Check out our promotional material order form to order online at no cost. Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Temporary signage for events, conferences, certificate presentations and official openings - once social distancing regulations are lifted.
  • Permanent signage including plaques and window decals for buildings, vehicle decals and stickers for equipment.

To make sure your order arrives on time please allow five working days for metro orders and 10 working days for country orders. We’re happy to assist with urgent orders too, just give us a call. Temporary signage is delivered with instructions on how to return it directly to our sign management company.

Use the Lotterywest logo

The Lotterywest logo is an important way to let others know that by playing Lotterywest games, they get to help their dreams and those of WA come to life.

This logo can be used on your websites, publications and presentations to show Lotterywest's support for your organisation or project. Click on the Lotterywest brand guide for guidelines on how to download and use our logo.

More information

Thank you for acknowledging Lotterywest grant support. For any questions, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Lotterywest support be acknowledged?

Your public acknowledgment helps spread the word about your initiative and Lotterywest’s contribution to the community. It also helps inform people about how playing Lotterywest games enables us to provide grants like yours. Your organisation also benefits from being partnered with our well established and respected brand.

How do I create successful partnerships?

Partnerships between organisations can deliver improved outcomes from streamlining administrative tasks and shared workspaces to working together to deliver a community project.

We often achieve more when we work with others. Many organisations say that their best partnerships have created opportunities and results never imagined when they started working together. The information below shares ideas to help you create successful partnerships.

There are many forms of partnership. For the purpose of this section, we are referring to a relationship which endures for a period ranging from a few months to several years.

Partnerships often develop between community organisations in the same sector working together to deliver better services, share facilities or combine administration functions.

Community-business partnerships develop when a community organisation works with private business to raise funds, build capacity, share work spaces, increase opportunities, improve outcomes or achieve other goals. Community organisations can also form partnerships with public sector agencies. This is most common at local government level however they are also developed at State or Federal level.

Good partnerships often have:

  • Support by the leadership of both partners
  • Mutual understanding and respect
  • Alignment of organisational values and culture
  • Careful and thorough planning
  • Well understood objectives for all parties and the partnership, as well as the resources required
  • Clear, open and regular communication throughout the partnership
  • Clarity on roles, responsibilities, goals and boundaries as well as criteria for success and how each party will exit the partnership when the time comes
  • Commitment and honesty
  • Shared responsibilities, contributions and benefits

Other helpful tips:

  • Don’t rush the beginning stage – take time getting to know each other
  • Start small. Tackle manageable objectives together first before taking on bigger ones
  • Build ownership of the partnership across all levels of organisations
  • Each partner should agree on issues such as requirements and responsibilities for risk and insurance
  • Decide who will communicate with the media
  • Be willing to learn and adapt as the partnership develops
  • Make time to communicate regularly
  • Look out for ways to add value to the partnership
  • Remember that business, government and community sectors can have different cultures relating to time and priorities
  • Express appreciation and communicate benefits