Getting started with your request

What documents do I need to provide about my organisation?

At the point of submitting your formal application, your organisation will need to provide the following documentation. It may be helpful to begin gathering this information in advance.

Please note that this information will not be required to submit an expression of interest.

Local government authorities:

  • Annual Report;
  • A copy of your most recent annual financial statements; and
  • A copy of your organisation’s most recent main operating account bank statement.

All other organisations (except unincorporated organisations):

  • Constituent documents or Rules
  • Trust Deed, if appropriate;
  • Annual Report or AGM minutes;
  • A copy of your most recent annual financial statements;
  • A copy of your organisation’s most recent main operating account bank statement; and
  • List of current Directors/Board or Management Committee members
  • List of members and/or shareholders (for not-for-profit companies limited by guarantee or by shares).

Unincorporated organisations:

  • Constituent documents or Rules if available;
  • Annual Report or AGM minutes, if available and the minutes from your last two Board or Committee meetings;
  • A copy of your most recent annual financial statements if available;
  • A copy of your organisation’s most recent main operating account bank statement;
  • List of current Directors/Board or Management Committee members;
  • Other documentation with evidence of your organisation’s role and function. This could be press clippings, social media posts and letters of support.

Budgets and quotes

  • A budget is requested as part of the grant application. For an example of a budget template click here.
  • For individual items $3,000 and over - two written quotes are required
  • For items under $3,000 - a written estimate / quote or proof of advertised price
  • Low value, miscellaneous items can be grouped together to $3,000 and do not require additional information.
Additional optional supporting documents
  • Evidence that supports your proposed initiative and the situation you're responding to, e.g. client surveys or other data
  • Detailed project plan or schedule
  • Risk management plan
  • Evidence of project alignment to good practice
  • Evidence of your organisation's previous successful work in this area
  • Evaluation plan

Good practice for events

In recognition of Lotterywest’s vision to build a better Western Australia together, the Good Practice Guide to Events aims to assist organisers of Lotterywest supported community events and initiatives to consider and adopt practices to help make them more inclusive, health, sustainable and COVID-19 safe.

We encourage to consider these during your planning. If any of these practices are requires as a condition of your Lotterywest grant, you will be advised during the assessment of your grant application.

When can I apply?

Key dates

Supporting the Most Vulnerable

  • Applications for the Crisis and Emergency Relief stream are open now and close at 5:00pm, Wednesday 30 June 2021.
  • Applications for the Prevention and Early Intervention stream are now closed.  

Building Community

  • EOIs and applications are now closed.  

Strengthening and Adapting Organisations

  • Applications for this Program are now closed.

In July 2021 Lotterywest will return to grant making under its Community Investment Framework. The Framework sets out five key priority areas and desired outcomes to benefit the WA community.

We will be looking to support eligible organisations that demonstrate how their grant contributes towards achieving one, or multiple of these outcomes in their community.

Please register here to stay up to date with information about our grant making for 2021-22 as it evolves.

How long will it take to know if my application has been successful?

Please note that from the point of formal application, it can take up to a few months for a grant to be assessed and approved, or longer should further work be required.

The process may take longer for applications that require additional information or further development. There may also be conditions that need to be met before a payment can be made. Be sure to factor in the time needed for assessment, a decision and payment, if you are successful, when planning your project.

There has been strong interest in the Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund grant programs and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we review and assess a high volume of applications.

If you have a time sensitive proposal, please call our team to discuss your options.