Who and what we can support


As the only State Government owned lottery in Australia where all the profits are returned to the community, Lotterywest is committed to supporting Western Australians in these times of need. In this section you’ll find a broad overview of what we can support and what we don’t support. Give us a call if you’d like us to talk you through what you need to know.

What we can support

Local government authorities and not-for-profit organisations may be eligible for our grants. This can range from small unincorporated groups, to large organisations.

To be able to progress an application the grant request must be:

  • for charitable or benevolent purposes with outcomes that will benefit the WA community and align with one of our priority areas;
  • directly related to your organisation’s purpose. Quick tip: you can check the 'objects' or ‘purpose’ in your organisation’s constitution or rules; and
  • taking place in WA, or be of direct benefit to the WA community.

The Getting Started page provides more details on what we need to support your application.

What we don’t support

  • Individuals, profit-making organisations and government organisations.
  • The promotion of sport, including equipment or a vehicle that will support sporting teams or travel for sporting teams. Grants may be supported if a charitable purpose can be identified such as providing activities for people with disabilities or the elderly, where community outcomes will be achieved, or where sport is used to engage with disadvantaged community members.
  • Projects taking place interstate or internationally.
  • Ongoing operating costs, however time limited project costs may be supported.
  • The faith-based activities of religious organisations, however the welfare and community service activities of faith-based groups may be supported.
  • Retrospective requests.
  • Elements funded by Government or under individualised funding arrangements.
  • Replacement funding for an organisation, a service or existing assets.
  • Government schools are not eligible to apply. Activities and assets that are core school responsibilities e.g. playground equipment for schools or education materials are also not supported. However, there may be scope to support projects linked to schools that:
    • Are led by Parents & Citizens Associations (P&Cs) and Parent & Friends Associations, or other suitable not-for-profit organisation; and
    • Meet a community need aligned with a priority area and outcome.
  • Prizes for individuals, or prizes for organisations that won't deliver a specific charitable purpose.
  • The purchase of cigarettes or unhealthy food or drink, including alcohol.

If you are unsure of the eligibility of your organisation or initiative, please call us to discuss.