Making a difference

We're extremely fortunate in Western Australia to have the only lottery in the nation, and one of the few in the world, where all the profits are returned directly back to the local community.

It's thanks to the people who play Lotterywest games and the small businesses that sell Lotterywest games that we're able to support groups like yours who are contributing to make WA a great place to live.

We have been supporting the WA community since 1933 and find that most projects fit into one of the four areas below. Click on the tiles for more information or start the conversation with us.

Curious about Lotterywest sales, prizes and grants? Have a look at our Where the money goes page.

Community Events

We love supporting events that bring the Western Australian community together to enhance social and cultural connections and reduce isolation.

Community Spaces and Places

We are interested in supporting community spaces, places and buildings that help the diversity of Western Australians to actively engage in community life.


Need the right tools to get the job done? We have grants designed to help get the necessary equipment in place to support your community.


Good ideas are behind every project that makes our community a better place. Project grants can assist you in testing or trialing an initiative.

Apply for a Lotterywest grant

We receive around 1,000 grant applications each year and aim to support as many of those as we possibly can.

We provide grants for not-for-profit organisations or local government authorities. Not-for-profit organisations can range from small unincorporated groups to large multi-functional organisations. Grants can support charitable or benevolent purposes. Visit our how to apply section where you’ll find a broad overview of who we support, and how we support them. Hopefully this will help you get your application up and running!