Strengthening and Adapting Organisations

We’re here to help you strengthen your organisation; from challenge comes the opportunity for change.

The objective of this grant program is to support organisations and community groups to prepare for, and implement longer-term organisational changes. This support will foster a more innovative, collaborative and resilient network of not-for-profit organisations and community groups that can better serve the needs of communities during and following the crisis.

Grant applications must seek to achieve one or more of the outcomes outlined below.

Outcomes focus

  1. Enhanced organisational governance and capability amongst community organisations and the not-for-profit sector.

  2. The development of innovative business models or service delivery models that support community organisations and the not-for-profit sector achieve greater impact.

  3. Enhanced collaboration across the not-for-profit-sector towards shared goals.

Expressions of interest will open soon

Thanks for your patience - we’re taking a bit more time to design this funding program to ensure that its delivery has the best impact. Expressions of Interest will open in the coming months. Please register here for our mailing list to stay up to date with further details and timings. 

It is likely that this funding will occur in two phases – a first phase of small grants to help organisations understand their unique opportunity to strengthen and adapt. From here, organisations could be invited to apply for a second phase of funding to implement specific change initiatives.  

To view the implementation approach for all grant programs, including indicative budget allocations and timings click here

As we work towards developing the detailed criteria and approach for this grant program, we’d love to hear from you with any ideas or opportunities.

Strengthening Organisations - Who can be supported?

Not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities.

Strengthening Organisations - What can be supported?

To be eligible for Lotterywest support a grant request must be:

  • for charitable or benevolent purposes with outcomes that align with one of our COVID-19 Relief Fund streams. 
  • directly related to your organisation’s purpose. Quick tip: You can check the ‘objects’ or ‘purpose’ in your organisation’s constitution or rules
  • taking place in WA, or be of direct benefit to the WA community

The following can be supported through this funding stream:

  • Specific, time-limited interventions which are focused on enabling organisations to make longer-term transitions to new forms of service delivery such as (but not limited to):
    • Systems and technologies
    • Development of new business models (including social enterprises)
    • Development of new service delivery models
    • Projects to enhance long term sustainability
Strengthening Organisations - What won't be supported?
  • On-going operational costs
  • Projects which don’t align directly with program outcomes
  • Ongoing costs associated with delivering existing services
  • Initiatives fully funded by others or which are the core responsibilities of other government departments
  • Contingency costs
Strengthening Organisations - What are some example projects that might be funded?

This program could involve things such as:

  • Support for a small theatre company to trial a virtual night at the theatre series, using innovative technologies to engage attendees
  • Funding for a series of board governance training sessions facilitated by a peak body in collaboration with a training provider to enhance board leadership in community service organisations
  • Support for a community environmental group to transition volunteer recruitment and engagement from paper-based to digital CRM system
  • Support for a collaborative project between an Aboriginal Controlled Community Organisation, local government and mainstream service provider to undertake a trial project for unemployed Aboriginal young people. 
Strengthening Organisations - Who are our priority target organisations?
  • Community service organisations
  • Community groups
  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations
Strengthening Organisations - What are the expected outcomes for this grant stream?
  • Enhanced organisational governance and capability amongst community organisations and the not-for-profit sector
  • The development of innovative business models or service delivery models that support community organisations and the not for profit sector achieve greater impact
  • Enhanced collaboration across the not-for-profit sector towards shared goals
Strengthening Organisations - What are the indicators of change for this grant stream?
  • Increased number of collaborations delivered across the sector
  • Increased use of innovative technologies and/or business models
  • Development of new service models
Strengthening Organisations - What are the assessment criteria for this grant stream?

The assessment criteria are currently under development and will be provided as soon as they become available.