Building Community

We’re here to help you build your community; connection is more important now than ever.

The objective of this grant program is to create opportunities for the whole community to come together as a means of enhancing community connection, strengthening social capital and encouraging community to repair and rebuild itself from the pandemic.

Expressions of interest will be sought related to the streams of community connection, arts and culture, Aboriginal communities and environment. This will help us to understand needs and opportunities related to these streams, across metropolitan and regional Western Australia, and then work with grant applicants to develop impactful projects and invite applications when they have the best chance of success.

Grant applications must seek to achieve one or more of the outcomes outlined below.

Outcomes focus

  1. Community is connected through local initiatives that strengthen wellbeing, promote participation and volunteering, and encourage re-connection after a period of distancing and isolation.

  2. Marginalised, minority and disadvantaged groups at risk of experiencing prolonged impacts of social isolation and discrimination are actively included in community.

  3. Aboriginal people retain and strengthen connection to country, identity and culture. 

Submit an Expression of Interest

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are now open. If you have a time sensitive proposal, we encourage you to submit an EOI as soon as possible.

Please call us to discuss your idea and how it aligns with the program outcomes and criteria before submitting an EOI.

Click here to submit an EOI.

What happens after I submit an EOI?

Our team will be reviewing EOIs regularly to understand the emergent needs and opportunities aligned to the outcome areas of this grant program.

Time sensitive projects (e.g. events with a set delivery date) may be considered for progression through a fast-tracked application and assessment process.  

For other projects, we may take more time to work with you to review and/or develop the idea taking into consideration other projects proposed for your region or key themes emerging from the expression of interest process.

We will contact you to give feedback and discuss next steps which may include a formal application.

Building Community - Who can be supported?

Not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities.

Building Community - What can be supported?

To be eligible for Lotterywest support a grant request must be:

  • for charitable or benevolent purposes with outcomes that align with one of our COVID-19 Relief Fund streams. 
  • directly related to your organisation’s purpose. Quick tip: You can check the ‘objects’ or ‘purpose’ in your organisation’s constitution or rules
  • taking place in WA, or be of direct benefit to the WA community

The following can be supported through this funding stream:

  • Specific, time-limited interventions which:
  • strengthen community wellbeing, mitigate the long-term impacts of social isolation, and provide support to those experiencing hardship; and/or
  • provide increased opportunities to participate in community activities including through volunteering; and/or
  • work to actively include marginalised, minority and disadvantaged groups in the WA community’ and/or
  • assist Aboriginal people retain and strengthen connection to Country, identity and culture
Building Community - What won't be supported?
  • On-going operational costs
  • Projects which don’t align directly with program outcomes
  • Ongoing initiatives or programs
  • Initiatives fully funded by others or which are the core responsibilities of other government departments
  • Contingency costs

For more general information about what Lotterywest can and can't support, please visit the What can be supported page.

Building Community - What are some example projects that might be funded?

This program could involve things such as:

  • A project that builds community connection by bringing people together as volunteers through caring for the environment.
  • A local arts-based community development program such as a sculpture trail that connects people experiencing the impacts of social isolation through arts and culture.
  • A local event for families and individuals which strengthen community connections and improves wellbeing.
  • Support for programs enabling Aboriginal communities to strengthen the sharing of stories and cultural practices.

Call us to talk about your idea.

Building Community - Who are our priority communities?
  • Young people
  • Older people
  • People with disability
  • People experiencing COVID-19 disadvantage (e.g. financial)
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse communities 
  • Aboriginal Communities and people
  • Regional and remote communities
  • People seeking volunteer and participation opportunities to reconnect with community  
Building Community - What are expected outcomes for this grant program?
  • Community is connected through local initiatives that strengthen community wellbeing and encourage people to reconnect after a period of social distancing
  • Increased opportunities to participate in community activities including through volunteering
  • Marginalised, minority and disadvantaged groups at risk of experiencing prolonged impacts of social isolation and discrimination are actively included in community
  • Aboriginal people retain and strengthen connection to Country, identity and culture
Building Community - How much can I apply for and how do I apply?

We accept applications from $3,000 upwards and EOIs are available through our website. The limit for unincorporated groups or organisations not GST registered is a combined total of up to $15,000 for each financial year.

Building Community - What are the indicators of change for this grant program?
  • Reduced isolation/loneliness
  • Increased sense of community connection and belonging
  • Increased volunteerism
  • Reduced discrimination (or avoided increases)
Building Community - What are the assessment criteria for this grant stream?

Your EOI will be reviewed using the following criteria. Please consider these when submitting your EOI. Based on community need these criteria may be developed further prior to full applications opening.

  1. Community need – the proposal should demonstrate what the needs of the community, linked to COVID-19 are and whether the needs are time critical, targets a priority community for support and how the grant will address these needs.
  2. Financial planning/value for money –your EOI should provide an indicative budget and sound proposal to deliver the grant initiatives that demonstrates value for money.
  3. Organisational capacity - your proposal should demonstrate your organisation’s ability to respond to need and opportunities and deliver the grant in an inclusive way. This includes working with key partners, having sound experience and governance, and strong relationships with your community.
  4. Merit of proposal overall – your proposal should appropriately meet the identified community need given a COVID-19 context and sufficiently address COVID-19 considerations. Best practice approaches should be applied and appropriate permissions and partnerships (where relevant) in place.
  5. Outcomes - your proposal should outline how you plan to meet one or multiple outcomes of the Building Community grant program and how this can be measured.