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Our grant funds come from the sales of our lottery games achieved through the hard work of over 500 retailers throughout the State.

For every dollar they make, Lotterywest retailers add on commission and return 60 cents back to players as prizes. About 33 cents of the dollar is returned to the public, either as grants directly managed by us or as statutory grant allocations, through the State Government, to health, arts and sport.  The remaining 7 cents is for Lotterywest operating costs including the administration of grants.

Ethics and governance
Lotterywest is a values driven organisation and operates according to ethical principles.  We strive to be rewarding, inspiring, trusted and engaging in all of our interactions with others.

We do all we can to ensure that we behave ethically in the management of all aspects of our business including the way our grants are administered.

As a statutory authority responsible to the Western Australian Government we are directly responsible, through the Minister for Lotterywest, to the Government and State Parliament.

All grant recommendations are reviewed by our six-member Board and are submitted to the Premier for final approval.

We expect, in turn that all recipients of our grants are accountable for their use.  The simple accountability and acquittal processes are explained when you apply.

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