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Purchasing an existing outlet

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If you are purchasing a business that operates with a lottery outlet you will need to submit an application to apply for a new Agreement to operate the lottery outlet within the business.  We require 30 working days to process an application which should be part of your consideration when negotiating a settlement date.

Once we receive your application, associated documentation and application fee of $750 a meeting will be arranged to discuss your submission further.  Following application approval there will be other requirements that you will need to meet before the lottery component of the business can settle, including successfully completing our five day training program.

A business broker may be able to assist you or you could refer to the Business Sales and Franchising section of The West Australian newspaper if you are intending to purchase an existing business that operates with a lottery outlet.

The Agreement to operate the lottery outlet within the business is specific to the approved location and the business owner.

The Application Pack provides you with more details about this process. If you have any questions please contact our Retailer Support team on 08 9340 5378 or 08 9340 5185, or via email at

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