Frequently Asked Questions

What are the retail image standards?

Maintaining the retail image helps identify you as a retailer, attract customers to your store, inform them about our products and as a result, optimise your sales and strengthen brand recognition. You can find out more under section 3 in the Retail Manual.

How are the retail image standards assessed?

Lotterywest carries out routine Retail Presentation Standards assessments at all of our stores either by photos or visits. Stores are assessed against a number of key elements from displaying current point of sale through to ensuring that all Lotterywest equipment is functioning correctly.

How is the retail image maintained?

In addition to having regular Retail Presentation Standards assessments, Lotterywest provide a self-assessment checklist which outlines all the key areas that are evaluated as part of your regular assessments.

What are Lotterywest's terminal operating hours?

Lotterywest terminal operations are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.
* subject to scheduled outages that are notified of in advance

What support hours do Lotterywest operate?

Support hours can be found here.

What support will I get as a Lotterywest retailer?

Your success is our success and together we make a difference to WA. That's why it's important that our retail network performs optimally and efficiently and is sustainable long term. So that we can reach our business potential and support you to reach yours, we offer great initiatives to help you grow your business.

What training do I need to do?

Information regarding training requirements can be found in section 2 of our Retail Manual.

How much does the training cost?

There is no cost for training.

What types of rewards programs are available to retailers?

Rewards 4 Growth

Rewards 4 Growth is an annual rewards program providing incentives to retailers who improve their total sales performance. The program is split into quarterly periods, providing four opportunities to earn rewards throughout the financial year.

Sales Sprints

Sales Sprints run in conjunction with the annual rewards program. They offer a variety of reward types and focus on specific Lotterywest products and selling behaviours.

What development events are available to retailers?

Retailer conference

The Lotterywest Retailer Conference is held every two years and is our premier professional development day for retailers. The event agenda includes important business updates from Lotterywest, interactive master classes and presentations from nationally recognised retail industry experts.

Retailer development workshops

Workshops are suitable for owners, store managers and staff. These interactive sessions are customised to best suit your business, providing you and your team with practical skills, knowledge and tools to enhance workplace performance.