The grant process

Our process generally takes four months to assess and progress an application to our Board and Minister for consideration. If your request is more complex, or there are aspects of your application that are outstanding or need development, it can take longer. Please factor these timeframes in for funding your event or project. Our Board reviews all grant recommendations, which are subsequently presented to the Minister for Lotterywest for final approval.

A typical grant process looks like this:

  1. Seek information via website
  2. Talking with us about your proposal
  3. Gather your requirements and necessary documentation
  4. Develop and submit your application
  5. Assessment, including referee checks and any follow up conversation with you
  6. Our internal review and recommendation to the Board
  7. Board meeting and review
  8. Recommendation to the Minister for Lotterywest
  9. Application decision and advice
  10. Grant payment and acquittal
  11. Sharing your good news