How much can I ask for?

We accept applications from $1,000 upwards. Your application should request the amount you need to serve the purpose properly – make sure you don’t under or overestimate your request.

We don’t generally expect to be the only source of funding. Our grants should be used to complement other sources of support, including a contribution from your organisation's own resources. We can also help you to combine our grant with other sources of funding.

Are there limits on what I can apply for?
If you’re an unincorporated group or organisation not GST registered, you can apply for a combined total of up to $15,000 each financial year.

For all other applicants, we rarely impose a maximum on grant amounts. Grant type information will detail wherever a limit applies.

Is there anybody I can talk to before I apply?
Absolutely! We’re keen to work with you and understand your needs. Please call us before submitting an application, we’re here to listen, discuss and help.