Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to play all the various games?
Game Type                     Saturday LottoMonday & Wednesday LottoOZ LottoPowerballSet for Life
Slikpik 50 $35.40 $30.00 $65.40 $46.30 -
Slikpik 30 $21.25 $18.00 $39.25 $27.80 -
Slikpik 25 $17.70 $15.00 $32.70 $23.15 -
Slikpik/QuickSET 18 $12.75 $10.80 $23.55 $16.70 $75.60
Slikpik/QuickSET 12 $8.50 $7.20 $15.70 $11.10 $50.40
QuickSET 6 - - - -
QuickSET 4 - - - - $16.80
System 7 $4.95 $4.20 - $6.50 -
System 8 $19.85 $16.80 $10.45 $25.95 -
System 9 $59.50 $50.35 $47.10 - -
Powerpik 6 - - - $18.55 -

Check out our cost of entry brochure for other pricing options.

What are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning vary for each game. For our most popular game Saturday Lotto, the odds of a Division 1 win in any single game panel is 1 in 8,145,060. The game with the highest odds of winning any prize is OZ Lotto at 1 in 87. Visit each of the games information pages to find out the odds at various prize levels, for all our games:

What time do the draws close for each game?
GameDraw close off time
Saturday Lotto 6:00pm Saturdays
Monday Lotto 6:00pm Mondays
OZ Lotto 6:00pm Tuesdays
Wednesday Lotto 6:00pm Wednesdays
Powerball 6:00pm Thursdays
Set for Life 7:00pm daily
Cash 3 5:00pm daily
Soccer Pools 5:30pm Saturdays
Super66 6:00pm Saturdays
How can I be part of a syndicate?

Buy a share in-store

Visit a Lotterywest store to buy a share in a syndicate. Simply ask what shares are available for the game you want to play or how much you would like to spend. If you have a Lotterywest membership, make sure you register your ticket against it so your winnings are automatically paid out to it.

Create your own

You can create your own syndicate with friends and family. Start by downloading the Syndicate Planner and select the game and ticket options you want to play. Then you’re ready to visit your local Lotterywest store and fill in a playslip or ask for a Slikpik. Ask the retailer to print a valid share ticket for each syndicate member. This gives each person the peace of mind and convenience to claim their share of prizes on winning entries themselves.

How can I play Systems?

A System entry allows you to play up to 20 of your selected numbers, and every possible combination of those numbers. For example, select seven numbers to play a System 7 entry, select 18 numbers to play a System 18, and so on. You can choose your own numbers on a playslip or ask for a Slikpik or Set for Life QuickSET.