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Mandurah millionaire bargain hunters

August 2016

A Mandurah couple collected a $1,333,333 Division 1 prize from the $20 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw in August. 

The winning ticket, purchased from The Lucky Charm Meadow Springs, was amongst three won in Western Australia for the draw.

"We're over the moon happy. Now we can take the grandkids to Disneyland! To see the joy on their faces when we get there will be everything," said the couple.

A second hand car is also on the cards for the winners but the couple were adamant they would haggle for the best deal in town.

"We’re just everyday people and that’s how we’ll remain. I’m definitely going to bargain my way to the best price for the car!"


Spur of the moment decision worth $100,000

August 2016

A spur of the moment decision for a Dumbleyung couple to buy a $10 Word Play Scratch’nWin ticket led to them winning a $100,000 Top Prize!

"I just couldn’t believe it so I scanned the ticket several times at the Dumbleyung General Store," said the woman.

"It’s a really great feeling to win but it’s still so surreal!"

The couple said their prize money would pave the way for an easier and more enjoyable retirement when the time came.

Walking the dog leads to millions

July 2016

A north of the river couple became overnight millionaires in July after a spur of the moment decision to buy a Saturday Lotto ticket while out walking their dog.

“The news was a complete surprise, we can’t believe it’s real!” said the husband.

“We thought we must have won Division 2 when we were told we had to visit Lotterywest’s Head Office to collect our winnings.”

While the winners were still contemplating what to do with their new $1.3 million win, they said they planned to share their prize with family and consider an early retirement.

A home of her own thanks to a scratchie

July 2016

“I scratched the ticket in the car park and couldn’t believe my eyes. I got my grandson to double check, and then we were straight back into the newsagency to make sure it was true!” said the woman.

“A person in the newsagency asked to touch me because they thought I might be able to bring them luck too.”

The winner said her prize money couldn’t have come at a better time and will allow her to finally get out of renting and put down a deposit on a home of her own.

Gourmet snags for Powerball multi-millionaires!

June 2016

A South West couple claimed a $3 million Powerball prize in June from numbers they’d been playing for years.

"Playing Lotto gives you the avenue to dream about all the things you could do if you won. We’ve always loved having something to dream about for the future."

Plans to explore more of the world, help those who had helped them in the past, donate to charity and invest in their superannuation can all be achieved with the couple’s Powerball millions.

"We cooked a few snags on the barbie to celebrate when we found out. Gourmet of course!” laughed the man. 

Kisses for dad after $300,000 scratchie win

June 2016

A mother of two from Lockridge took home the $300,000 Top Prize from the $20 50X The Cash Scratch’n’Win ticket simply because she needed to take her dad to an appointment.

“I didn’t think it was true and certainly didn’t expect the prize to be $300,000, that’s a lot!” said the mum.

“I gave my dad a big kiss on the forehead in the middle of the shopping centre. I was so excited!”

The woman was looking forward to treating her close family to an overseas holiday and paying off a chunk of her mortgage with her prize money.

Two Set for Life winners in three nights!

May 2016

Two Set for Life winners in three nights!

In the span of three nights, two WA players became set for life after both winning 1st Prize in Set for Life.

The first winners were a middle aged couple from Midland who purchased their ticket at The Lucky Charm Midland and thanked their lucky stars that their ticket, which had been sitting unchecked on the dashboard of their Ute for a week, didn’t fly out the window.

"We're rather pleased with the news and think we’ll celebrate with a pie and a stubby," said the winners.

Just three days later, a Baldivis couple claimed their 1st Prize from a ticket purchased at The Lucky Charm Midland.

"We were struggling to make our next mortgage repayment. Our small business hasn't been doing well for the last few years and it’s been quite tight for money but that's all about to change now,'' said the winners.

Mums birthday number is a winner

May 2016

The first Top Prize winner to collect a 2016 AFL Grand Final package on the $5 Footy Fever ticket said his win was all thanks to a couple of tickets he'd be given by a mate for his birthday.

"When I scratched my ticket and saw I'd won, I was expecting a little AFL pack with a football or something, I certainly didn't expect tickets to the Grand Final!" the man from Oakman said.

"I have a lot of friends that are going to be so jealous! I haven't picked who's coming with me to Melbourne yet but maybe my mate who bought me the ticket. He's an AFL nut.

Mandurah Lotto winner hangs up FIFO life for wife

April 2016

A former FIFO worker who'd recently lost his job decided to try his luck in Lotto and ended up winning $1,008,278 in Saturday Lotto from a ticket purchased at Mandurah City News

"It's a great outcome. I've worked my whole life and karma has certainly come back around for us," said the winners.

The man said the most wonderful part of the win was being able to start a different trade where he can work less hours and spend more time with his beautiful wife.

"We've already done the budget; we can wipe all of our debts and we'll be able to live comfortably. I can get a second hand car and I'll buy my wife a show room car with no finance!"

Mums birthday number is a winner

April 2016

A woman from the Great Southern was just going about her weekly routine of scratching a few Scratch'n'Win tickets to find she had become a Top Prize winner of the $5 10X The Cash ticket, winning herself $100,000!

She got her close family together and said that no one spoke on the car ride to Lotterywest because they were all in such shock.

They were amazed that the day the woman won and the number she’d won on her scratchie were both her dearly departed mums' birth date.

The woman plans to spoil her grandchildren and get started on home renovations.

Losing a bet has never been sweeter

March 2016

A man from Noranda purchased two more $10 Classic Black scratchies than he normally would as he’d lost a bet with a friend. Little did he know that one of these tickets would win them the Top Prize of $300,000!

“First I saw a three and thought we’d won $30 and was pretty chuffed, then I put my glasses on and saw there were a few more zeros on the ticket. I thought I was seeing things!” said the winner.

When the man told his friend that they’d be sharing the prize they were beyond excited.

“My mate gave me a hug and we both jumped around with happiness.”

The winner said his portion would help propel his retirement closer and mean he can live out his dream of travelling around the country in a caravan.

Struggling South West family goes from working seven days a week to winning $40 million

March 2016

The second largest Lotto prize to be won in WA’s history was claimed by a struggling South West family who purchased their $40 million winning OZ Lotto ticket from Harvey Newsagency.

The family shed tears of joy when they realised the amount of their multi-million dollar win, which had followed a very tough time financially.

“We’ve been working 15 hour days, seven days a week for the last 10 years. We haven’t been able to afford a house or a car and every time we have gone to the bank for a loan, it’s been declined,” the father of the family said.

“I’ve always wanted to secure a future for my children and take my wife shopping for a home we can actually call our own for the first time. Now we can do all that.”

Dad picked an $88,888 Top Prize winner

February 2016

A family from Victoria Park are now $88,888 richer thanks to a $5 Fortune 8’s Scratch’n’Win ticket given to them by the woman’s father.

“At first I thought I must have read the ticket wrong and maybe we’d won $800 or $8,000. My family didn’t believe me when I told them it was actually $88,888!” said the woman.

Inside the Lotterywest Winners Room the family said they were still coming to terms with their win but were excited to go on a holiday and celebrate their good fortune.

“It still doesn’t feel real! Dad has already bought us more tickets so we’re hoping to be back here.” said the winners.

Busselton winners enjoy life’s luxuries after Superdraw win

February 2016

A syndicate of four from Busselton are able to enjoy life’s luxuries after winning a slice of the $20 million prize pool from the Saturday Lotto Superdraw on 13 February 2016.

Their lucky ticket, purchased from Callows Corner Lottery Centre in Busselton, won them a $1,176,470 Division 1 prize which a member of the syndicate said he needed to check ten times before calling his friends with the happy news.

“I checked my ticket and thought it couldn’t be Division 1, but it was! Then the four of us got together and had a few champagnes to celebrate” he said.

“It’s always a bit of fun to play Saturday Lotto. Now we can enjoy a bit of luxury in life like renovating our house, getting a new car and visiting family overseas.”

Top Prize winners dance and scream in celebration

January 2016

“First I saw a three and thought we’d won $30 and was pretty chuffed, then I put my glasses on and saw there were a few more zeros on the ticket. I thought I was seeing things!” said the winner.

A family from Morley shed tears of joy after claiming their $1,020,496 Saturday Lotto Division 1 prize.

The family spent only $5.70 on their winning ticket which they purchased from The Lucky Charm News in Noranda.

Not realising they were millionaires, the family decided anything over $500 in prizes would be a bonus!

“We’d been talking about a trip for years and recently planned it but we had to cancel because we just didn’t have the money to go. Now we’ll be able to go,” said the father.

“We can finally get a car that’s big enough to fit our family in it too!”

The winners said their prize money would also make their children’s lives easier, enable them to pay off their house and help family members.

“I won’t have to work so much either, it’s amazing,” said the father.

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