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Lotterywest Grants

2012/13 Community Funds

The Lotteries Commission Act outlines how the money raised for the community should be distributed to the beneficiaries named in the Act.  It specifies that a certain percentage of ‘net proceeds’ – i.e. sales, less the prizes paid to the winners, should be distributed to the hospital fund account, the arts lottery account and the sports lottery account.  The actual percentage for each of these is specified in the Act.

As well as these beneficiaries, the Act specifies that Lotterywest should make grants directly to ‘eligible organisations’ for ‘charitable and benevolent purposes’.  Eligible organisations are not-for-profit community groups and local government authorities.  The grants made under this part of the Act and that in relation to the Perth International Arts Festival and to the Screen Industry must be recommended by the Board to the Minister of the day and must then be approved by the Minister before they can be paid.

The Act also makes special provision for a percentage of ‘net subscriptions’ to be distributed directly by Lotterywest to the Perth International Arts Festival and to support the Western Australian film industry.  The actual amount available for direct grants and for the Perth International Arts Festival and for the film industry is made up of a percentage of ‘net subscriptions’ and any other revenue raised by the Commission, such as interest earned on investments.

In addition, the Act specifies that any prizes left unclaimed after 12 months since the draw date of that game are included in the funds available for distribution as grants made by Lotterywest directly to community and charitable groups.

Lotterywest is one of the very few Lotteries in the world and the only Australian Lottery with our own direct grants program, providing millions of dollars every month to Western Australian charities, community groups and to local government authorities for their community service activities.

Many of our grants are for services which are set up to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged members of our community while many others are for general community facilities and for services such as festivals and special events which enhance the quality of life for all Western Australians.

In 2015/16, Lotterywest approved grants totalling $118.9 million went to 963 different community organisations around Western Australia. These grants ranged from relatively small amounts for a few items of office or other equipment to several million dollars for major community projects.  This allocation includes the grants made to the Perth International Arts Festival and to ScreenWest for the local screen industry.

A full list of grants made in 2014/15 are highlighted in our Annual Report.

For details on Lotterywest grants, including the types of organisations and projects we support and guidelines on how to apply, visit Lotterywest Grants.

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