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WA's winning streak continues as Division 1 Lotto tally hits six for the New Year

19 January 2015

Western Australia’s lucky Lotto run continues with our State taking home one of four Division 1 prizes in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw.


The winning ticket was sold at Waikiki Village Newsagency with the winner set to boost their bank balance by $1,047,259.51.


This brings WA’s 2015 Division 1 Lotto tally up to six with the winners sharing in over $9 million worth of prizes.


It’s been nearly two years since Waikiki Village Newsagency sold their last Division 1 winner, a Monday Lotto ticket from 16 April 2013 worth $1 million, so the store manager had begun to feel it was time for another.


“On Tuesday I was telling customers that we were due for a win and now look at us!” said Faye McKinlay, Manager of Waikiki Village Newsagency.


Over the past 17 years the store has accumulated a number of winner’s plaques and placed them proudly on their wall, this win will grant them their ‘lucky seventh’ plaque.


“17 years, seven wins. It has a nice ring to it but we are hoping that number will keep increasing!” said Faye.


The staff at Waikiki Village Newsagency are excited and have been spreading the news amongst customers.


“We’ve written our customers a message on a big white board out the front of the store letting them know the great news and encouraging them to check their tickets,” said Faye.


Lotterywest is still waiting to hear from its newest millionaire.


It's not just local winners that have something to celebrate following a Lotto draw, with Lotterywest directing 33 cents of every dollar to supporting the WA community.

Local community groups to receive this funding include Country Women’s Association of Western Australia who received a Lotterywest grant of $30,116 in November last year towards property improvements for the Safety Bay Country Women’s Association Centre, which supports a range of community activities.


The next chance for Western Australians to add their names to the prestigious Division 1 winners list is in tomorrow night’s OZ Lotto draw where the jackpot has hit $20 million.


Players have until 6pm tomorrow to get their tickets in store or online via the Lotterywest Play Online service.




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