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WA's latest Lotto millionaire's dreams become reality as Division 1 winners tally rises to four

12 January 2015

WA's Division 1 Lotto tally for 2015 has already risen to four, with Heights Lottery Centre and News in Alexander Heights selling the latest winning ticket worth $1,057,519 in the weekend's Saturday Lotto draw.

It's is the third Division 1 Lotto ticket Heights Lottery Centre and News has sold within a year.

A young family from Girraween, who couldn't contain their excitement, wasted no time coming forward to claim the prize this morning.

"We can't describe it; we're so happy and excited. When I told my wife the news she cried and hugged me. We're more than happy!" said the winners.

The regular Lotto players had a feeling this particular Saturday Lotto ticket was the one that would grant them entry into the Lotterywest Winners' Room.

"On Saturday night I had dreams telling me to wake up because I had a lot of money surrounding me. I checked my ticket early Sunday morning and my dream was true, the six winning numbers were the same numbers I had picked for my ticket!" said the man.

The win has opened doors for the young family who plan to buy their first home, invest their winnings and provide for their children's futures.

"Winning Lotto was our only hope to buy our own home. It has been so hard, we were rejected a loan. Now my dreams for my family have come true," the man said.

Morley's missing millionaire found

Also entering the Winners' Room today was WA's missing Monday Lotto millionaire.

The week long search for the winner has come to an end with a Ballajura man collecting the prize.

The $1 million winning ticket from last Monday's Lotto draw was sold at Carramar Lottery Centre and News in Morley.

After checking his numbers the man turned to his wife and simply said "I got it".

"I couldn't say anything! I felt happy in my heart, our dream had come true!" said the excited woman.

Plans for their winnings include buying a new house, a new car and helping family financially.

It's not just WA's Division 1 Lotto winners that have something to celebrate following a Lotto win; so does the WA community with 33 cents of every dollar spent on lottery games in WA going back to support the local community.

Community groups to receive this support include Kids Camps located in Balcatta who were given a $69,900 Lotterywest Grant last year to help provide active camping opportunities for children with disabilities.


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