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WA's $3 million Powerball win makes winner's heart beat like it's on speaker phone!

23 January 2015

After waiting more than two weeks for the holders of a $3 million winning Powerball ticket sold at Clark's Newsagency in Albany, the winners have finally come forward.

The couple from the Great Southern region were still in shock as they entered the Lotterywest Winner's Room.

"It still feels so surreal. You don't really expect to win Division 1 when you buy a Lotto ticket and I've never won anything before. I just can't believe it!" said the woman.

For the entire week following the Powerball draw the winners had no idea they were now multimillionaires.

"The next week I read an article announcing the win and this weird feeling that I had the winning ticket washed over me," said the woman.

For the first time in her life the woman decided to look up the winning numbers on the Lotterywest website and check the ticket herself.

"All the numbers were the same! It was too unreal. I said to my husband 'is my heart pumping outside of my chest?" said the woman.

The man said he could audibly hear his wife's heart beating. "It sounded like it was on speaker phone!"

The new multimillionaires believe the win has fast tracked them 10 years ahead of where they wanted to be in the future.
Plans for their winnings include going on a holiday and celebrating their upcoming wedding anniversary.

It's not just the local winners that benefit when playing Lotterywest games, so does the entire WA community.

Community groups which benefit from Lotterywest funds include the Albany Community Care Centre who received a $154,097 Lotterywest Grant in December 2014 towards construction of a Carers Centre to provide support, information, advocacy and education for an estimated 40,000 carers living throughout the Great Southern region.


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