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'Salt of the earth' WA family humbled by $50 million Powerball prize

25 July 2015

The mystery of Western Australia's 50th Division 1 winner for 2015 has been solved.

A family from south of the river have claimed their enormous $50 million Powerball windfall which changed WA's Lotto history books forever on Thursday night.

When the winner checked her ticket purchased from newsXpress Armadale Central she said she started 'seriously shaking' seeing all the numbers line up.

"I thought I must have been seeing things. We're just a hard battling family and we don't want this win to change us. This never happens to people like us!" said the winners.

The family have stated they will remain the same, grounded people as before they became multi-millionaires but can now do a few things they've always thought about doing.

"I still think I'm going to wake up from this dream! Now we can pay off debt, take care of our family and do some much needed home renovations." said the winners.

"We also want to donate to charity and we can with this amount!"

Mr Philip Lu who owns newsXpress Armadale Central couldn't be more delighted with the win.

He has owned the store for the past two years and this is their first Division 1 winner but he's hoping luck will hang around.

It's not just our newest multi-millionaires that can celebrate their Powerball win, an estimated $8.5 million has also been raised for the WA community over the five week Powerball jackpot roll.

Local players have a few big opportunities coming up to become a WA Division 1 Lotto winner, with Tuesday night's $20 million OZ Lotto jackpot and next weekend's $21 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw.

Tickets can be purchased from Lotterywest retailers, Play Online at or from the new Lotterywest app.


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