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Regional WA drives away in new Toyota Hilux Utes with three still to be won

13 August 2015

Two regional WA Scratch'n'Win players have both driven away in brand new Toyota Hilux Utes after winning a Top Prize on the $10 Beaut Utes ticket. There are also three more to be won.

On the day a family from Bunbury were due to look at a cheap second hand car they scratched their ticket and found they'd won the first of the five Top Prizes.

When the local man checked his ticket at Bunbury Centrepoint Lottery Centre and News where he'd also purchased it, he said the retailer started screaming and adrenaline pumped through his body.

"I was shaking when it was confirmed I'd won. I would have loved a second hand Hilux if it was within our budget but now we've got a brand new one that we own!" said the man.

The couple plan to put the money they were going to spend on a second hand car towards getting married.

"I'm the first one in my family to own a brand new car, I still can't believe it!" said the winner.

A Kalgoorlie woman and her friend took out the second Top Prize on the $10 Beaut Utes ticket which they purchased from their regular store, A & LV Genovese Carbarn News in Kalgoorlie.

One of the friends asked the other to pick up her Lotto tickets and mistakenly purchased Scratch'n'Win tickets instead but was met with 'not to worry, there's a winner in this lot' and there was.

"It was an experience and a half winning something big!" said the winner.

There are still three Top Prizes of Toyota Hilux Utes to be won on the $10 Beaut Utes Scratch'n'Win ticket. Simply visit your nearest Lotterywest store to pick one up.

So far this year, WA Scratch'n'Win players have shared in over $32 million worth of prizes.

It's not just Top Prize winners that can celebrate their Scratch'n'Win purchases, with 33 cents out of every dollar spent on all Lotterywest Games going back to support the WA community.

Community organisations to receive this support include the radio station Tjuma Pulka Media Aboriginal Corporation in Kalgoorlie which received a Lotterywest Grant of $77,000 in June. This funding was used towards relocating their radio transmitter to enable wider community access to the station.

$20 Platinum Payout still has two Top Prizes to be won

Another chance for WA players to win a Scratch'n'Win Top Prize is on the $20 Platinum Payout ticket.

The ticket offers over $2.8 million in cash prizes including four Top Prizes of $100,000, with two of these Top Prizes still up for grabs.

Tickets can be purchased from Lotterywest stores today.


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