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'Mistaken' Lotto ticket delivers syndicate of mates not one, but two Division 1 Lotto wins!

4 February 2015

A second Lotto ticket put on by mistake has resulted in a syndicate of 11 mates scooping not one, but two Division 1 Lotto prizes in last weekend's Saturday Lotto draw.

The syndicate members have taken home two prizes worth $866,108 each, delivering them a total prize of $1.7 million, after the syndicate coordinator purchased the second ticket completely by accident.

"I'd put on our normal weekly Saturday Lotto ticket, but on a ticket previously purchased I'd accidently selected the advanced play option. This meant I doubled up on last weekend's draw resulting in two entries for the same draw," he said.

"It then just so happened to be 'that' draw that we won Lotto on giving us not one, but two Division 1 prizes. It's just stunning!" he said.

Each syndicate member will walk away with $157,474.

The winning tickets were purchased from The Lucky Charm News in Willetton and Applecross Village Newsagency.

The syndicate members from Perth's southern suburbs aged between 30 to 60 have been playing Lotto together for the last 12 years. The winning numbers were based on the syndicate members birthdays and lucky numbers.

Spending plans for the syndicate winners included paying off mortgages, holidays and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

"This is the best way to win Lotto, it couldn't be better. To share the excitement amongst some of your closest friends is the best feeling," they said.

Last weekend's Saturday Lotto draw delivered three WA winners but Lotterywest is still waiting to hear from the Division 1 winner who purchased their ticket from The Lucky Charm News Noranda.

Want to add your name to WA's Division 1 winners list?

Your chance to win big could be in next weekend's $20 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw on 14 February.

Tickets are available from Lotterywest retailers or from Play Online at

It's not just thousands of WA winners that are set to benefit from the Superdraw; Lotterywest also expects to raise close to $4 million for the WA community.

Community groups to receive Lotterywest support include the Willetton Sports Club who was given a $137,963 Lotterywest Grant to help purchase equipment and expand the facilities offered by the club.


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