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Lotterywest record $283 million for WA community

3 July 2015
  • Lotterywest has achieved record sales of $826 million* in 2014-15
  • $283 million has been raised for the Western Australian community
  • $463 million was allocated in winnings

Lotterywest has broken records to achieve $826 million* in sales in the 2014-15 financial year, raising $283 million to support the Western Australia community.

Premier Colin Barnett said Lotterywest direct grants totalling $131 million were given to 949 community and charitable organisations, while a further $152 million of statutory grants went to hospitals ($122 million), the arts ($15 million) and sport and recreational groups ($15 million).

"The grants ranged from $1,000 to $4 million, including a grant of $3.2 million to Nulsen towards the establishment of new corporate offices," Mr Barnett said.

"The Nulsen grant is just one example of how money raised from the sale of Lotterywest games supports organisations working to improve the lives of West Australians.

"Nulsen provides valuable services for people with disability in our State. The number of people they support has doubled in the past decade. This grant will help Nulsen expand their services and provide improved accommodation, employment and recreation services for people with disabilities."

The Premier said over the 2014-15 financial year, $463 million was allocated in prize money and 85 WA players experienced the thrill of winning Division One.

Mr Barnett said over the past year Lotterywest had focused on key business initiatives to continue its successful lottery operation.

"West Australians now have more choice in how they play Lotterywest games across multiple channels including in-store, online and mobile, with the recent launch of the Lotterywest App. Soon all Lotterywest outlets will also be redesigned to incorporate modern technology and further improve the player experience," he said.

The Premier thanked the Lotterywest board and staff for their work over the past year and acknowledged the efforts of the Lotterywest retail network.

"I'd like to express my appreciation to the more than 500 small business operators who, through their hard work selling Lotterywest games are at the forefront of raising vital funds for the community," the Premier said.

From every dollar West Australians spend on Lotterywest games each week, 33 cents is returned to benefit the community.

Fact File

  • WA is the only State where the money raised from lottery products is distributed directly back to the community to support not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities that work to enhance the quality of life for all West Australians
  • The Lotteries Commission Act outlines eligibility for Lotterywest grants and specifies ScreenWest and the Perth International Arts Festival as beneficiaries who receive an allocation of Lotterywest funding each year linked to a percentage of sales
  • The Act also specifies a percentage of Lotterywest sales revenue each year which is directed to the departments of Health, Culture and the Arts, and Sport and Recreation
  • Not-for-profit organisations and local government authorities can apply for a Lotterywest 'direct grant' towards a charitable or benevolent purpose
  • For a full list of grants recommended by the Lotterywest board and approved by the Premier, visit
  • *Preliminary figure until audited

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