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Lotterywest launches new online service

7 February 2011

Lotterywest Online launched today providing Western Australians with a new and improved Lotterywest website.

The website includes not only much easier to access information about lottery games and grants, but also a new service for community groups to apply for grants online and for Lotto, Soccer Pools and Cash 3 to be played online.

"Lotterywest is the envy of many lotteries around the world because of the direct link between the games and the money raised for thousands of community and charitable organisations around the State, as well as for health services, arts and sports," said Lotterywest Chief Executive Officer Jan Stewart.

Grants Online will offer an online application process with easy to read application information.

"Whilst technology provides us with the opportunity to streamline the application process, it won't take away the personal service community and charitable groups enjoy when working with Lotterywest," Ms Stewart said.

"We hope anyone interested in finding out more about our grants will check out this new, easy to use website and online application form or will simply give us a call."

The other new service Lotterywest will offer is Play Online.

"Many Western Australians would be aware there are competitors offering Western Australians the chance to play Lotto online already, but unfortunately, the proceeds don't stay in Western Australia to support our community," Ms Stewart said.

"We believe we have a responsibility to offer this kind of service which most people expect today, so that the money raised will go to our beneficiaries in this State. Our retailers, who have always given such great service to the public, will of course remain the front line of service to our customers."

Lotterywest has committed to providing appropriate safeguards for players online. Players will be asked to establish an account with Lotterywest and to complete a verification process to confirm their identity, including age (16+) and their status as a Western Australian resident.

There is also a weekly play limit of $200, or a lower level which the player can determine. Should a player wish, there are also self exclusion and support options. Lotterywest is committed to responsible play and encourages all players to only spend what they can afford.

Regular visitors to the previous Lotterywest website will find draw results and games information simple and new navigation tools make it even easier to find information.

"The new Lotterywest website provides a way for Western Australians to find out about all aspects of our business and to see the difference Lotterywest is making through the grants programs around Western Australia. Grant applicants and people interested in playing Lotterywest games will have access to a new kind of service," Ms Stewart said.

Visit to view Lotterywest new online service.


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