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Living on the adrenaline of a $1,049,345 Lotto win for two WA winners

23 September 2015

Both weekend winners have claimed their $1,049,345 Saturday Lotto prizes.

A Como couple claimed their prize from a Division 1 winning ticket purchased at Maylands Park Lottery Centre and News.

The couple shared a story of mixed timings inside the Lotterywest Winners Room which started with being too early to collect a friend from Maylands and buying a ticket to pass the time.

After the draw the woman found herself waiting for an appointment which was running late. She checked a pile of tickets and halfway through found the winner.

"I didn't sleep that night, we were getting more and more excited!" said the woman.

The regular Lotto players said they've been 'living on the adrenaline of the news' ever since finding out the amount they won.

"This will make a huge difference to us and change the lives of our family. We now have the ability to help others," said the winners.

The second winners to visit the Lotterywest Winners Room were a syndicate of five 'scroungers' from the South East. They claimed their $1,049,345 prize from a ticket they purchased at Esperance Lottery Centre and Newsagency.

Their annual South East Golf Tour usually begins in Bremer Bay, but this year the starting point was in Esperance meaning they were in the right place at the right time to purchase the winning ticket.

On the last day of the tour while most of the players were at the pub, one syndicate member checked their Lotto tickets and found the lucky last ticket had the same six winning numbers listed on the Lotterywest website.

"I checked the numbers about 50 times, and then grabbed the others guys including getting one out of bed!" said a syndicate member.

They plan to hold a 'cheque handing out ceremony' over dinner, with cheques especially made for the five members once the money is in their bank account.

There are many things the golf enthusiasts plan to do with their winnings including putting some into a pool to cover the cost of future South East Golf Tours and Lotto tickets.

It's not just Lotto winners that benefit following a Lotto draw, with 33 cents out of every dollar spent on Lotterywest Games being directed to support the WA community.

Groups to receive this support include the Starlight Children's Foundation Australia located in Como who received a $400,000 Lotterywest Grant in May. These funds were used towards equipment to fit out the Starlight Express Room for ill and hospitalised children.


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