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Life changing jackpot wins as two lucky West Aussies scoop a combined $30 million

24 August 2015

Lucky line 13 wins Perth family $20 million OZ Lotto prize

Number 13 may be unlucky for some but for WA's $20 million OZ Lotto winners it may just be their new favourite number after winning Division 1 on line 13 of their ticket.

The family from south of the river purchased their winning ticket at the Lucky Terrace Newsagency in Fremantle while simply 'out for a wander around'.

This is the first Division 1 winning ticket the Lucky Terrace Newsagency has sold in their eight years of owning the store.

"Our prizes have been getting bigger and better so we felt in our gut a Division 1 was coming soon. A $20 million prize isn't bad for our first one and we're hoping it's just the beginning!" said owner of the store, Jay Magan.

The $20 million win is the third largest prize won in WA this year and came just over three weeks after the largest in WA's Lotto history - $50 million in Powerball on 23 July 2015.

When the $20 million winner checked his ticket he joked to the retailer that he hoped his prize would be big enough to collect at Lotterywest Head Office. The retailer replied shakily 'actually you will need to collect it there. You're the one!'

The family describe themselves as 'simple people' who don't go over the top and still won't, even after their life changing win.

"I think we might buy a slightly more expensive bottle of red to celebrate," said the family.

The winners are planning to share their multi-million dollar prize with family, plan a family holiday and are considering a lifestyle change.

"I still can't believe the result from our $30 investment in OZ Lotto. Our lives are never going to be the same and it could happen to anyone!" said the woman.

Geraldton locals claim $10 million Powerball prize

After waiting just over a week, a local Geraldton family have claimed their $10 million Powerball windfall and said the experience of winning has been 'fantastic'.

The family scooped the entire $10 million Division 1 prize pool in the Powerball jackpot held on 13 August. The winning ticket was sold at the Geraldton Lottery Centre.

"We've had a wonderful life, now we can share our win with family and see the joy spread," said the winners.

The modest family plan to remain 'low key' and will go on a much needed holiday, do small home renovations, visit family overseas and donate to favourite charities.

It's not just WA's new multi-millionaires that are able to celebrate after their Division 1 Lotto wins; the local community can join them as 33 cents out of every dollar spent on Lotterywest Games supports the community.

One local organisation which received a $3,539 Lotterywest Grant earlier this year is the Glyde-In Community Learning Centre located in East Fremantle. These funds were used towards IT equipment to help coordinate the work of the volunteers at the centre.


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