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"A weight has been lifted off me!" Hocking woman celebrates after winning Saturday Lotto

20 July 2015

Over the weekend two lucky Western Australian's won a share of the nation's five Division 1 prizes in Saturday Lotto.

The tickets, each worth $835,719, were sold at Hocking News and Galleria News in Morley.

This marks the first Division 1 winner Hocking News has sold since they began running the store one year ago and has been quickly claimed by a local woman.

The woman said she screamed out to her daughter when she circled all six winning numbers on her ticket and began jumping up and down.

"It's the most amazing feeling, like a weight has been lifted off me," said the winner.

On her Lotto dream list is paying for her daughter's upcoming wedding, visiting family overseas, paying off her mortgage and upgrading her car which has been falling to pieces.

"I still plan to work, just not as hard now! It really is life changing." said the Hocking local.

Galleria News' last win prior to the weekend was on 11 May 2013, also a Saturday Lotto draw, where they sold the only WA winner worth $3 million.

"We hadn't sold a winner for ages so we all felt it was due to happen soon. We're hoping it's a local winner and someone who needs the prize," said Kate Ferrier who works in the store.

Lotterywest is still waiting to hear from Galleria News' winner.

It's not just WA's Lotto winners who benefit following a Lotto draw, so does the entire WA community with this week's $65 million jackpot week expected to raise almost $4.5 million for the community.

Bumper $65 million jackpot week

Not only is OZ Lotto offering a $15 million jackpot tomorrow night, Powerball is boasting a $50 million jackpot on Thursday night.

Players can purchase their tickets by 6pm on the night of the draw from Lotterywest retailers across the State or from Play Online at


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